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1. What are they?




2. What accessories do i need?




3. Why should i consider the brand Radiodetection??



1. What is a Cable Detector?

A Cable Detector comes usually as two parts, a Transmitter and a Receiver. An electric signal transfers through a cable pipe by the transmitter and the receiver picks up the signal. This allows the operator to trace the path of the signal with the Cable Detector which in return detects the location of the cable and/or pipe.

Buried Cables and Pipes are a major safety hazard for construction and site workers. The workers can get injured by inadvertently striking buried utilities such as electrical cables and gas pipeline…

Cable Detectors detect utilities before excavation work, allowing workers to safely ensure that there are safe routes to work along before you see it.

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2. What Accessories and Optional Extra’s do i need?

Optional Extra’s:

When Choosing the right cable detector for you there are a lot of things important to consider…

Strike Alert – This technology sends an alert to the operator to let them know that something has been detected below the surface that is shallow and likely to be struck if work begins. Some Cable Detectors have this tech but others don’t. Radiodetections C.A.T4 models all come with an option to add the ‘Strike Alert‘ feature to them on our website before purchase.

Depth Estimation – Cable Detectors will be able to locate pipes and cables but the majority of them wont have the technology to estimate their depth. On a budget the C.A.T4+‘s a go to option, otherwise the eC.A.T.4+ on a mid range budget and the gC.A.T4+ for the ultimate Cable Avoidance Tool.

GNSS – Having a GNSS receiver adds positional data to log records showing how the user was operating but where the cable detector was used. Consider the gC.A.T4 if this feature’s something you feel you require.


Signal Generator – Signal output bounces off utilities in the ground and returns to the top of the ground into a C.A.T4 product from Radiodetection. For C.A.T4 products the Genny4 becomes essential for areas with utilities that don’t generate signals naturally.

Sondes – Sondes help with the detection of non-conductive utilities. Radiodetections ‘Standard Sonde‘ is a great place to start!

Signal Clamps – These work alongside a signal generator to identify utilities by applying a signal along pipes or cables. The Radiodetection Signal Clamp works with the C.A.T4 range of Radio Detectors.

Flexitrace – Flexitrace helps to locate pipes, ducts and drains – even when made of non conductive plastic.

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3. Why Radiodetections the Go-To brand!

Radiodetection, founded in 1970 has been considered a leader in the market for Cable Avoidance Tools, (C.A.T for short).

The reliable and robust C.A.T4 and Genny4 range of Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.T) by Radiodetection ensure that their users can quickly and safely find buried cables, pipes and other utilities. With a variety of tools to pick from, you can find the one that’s best suited to you!

The top three recommended C.A.T4 tools from sales history are:

  1. C.A.T4 – The most affordable option, featuring all standard features, with the option for ‘Strike Alert
  2. C.A.T4+ – A higher quality of the C.A.T4 with an additional feature of: ‘Depth Estimation
  3. gC.A.T4+ – The most equipped of Radiodetections Cable Avoidance Tools, featuring: ‘a GPS Receiver‘, ‘Bluetooth Technology‘, ‘Depth Estimation‘, ‘Strike Alert‘, ‘CALsafe‘ and MUCH MORE!
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