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All measuring equipment needs calibrating to ensure a precise, accurate result and the tools used in portable appliance and electrical testing are no exception. The IET PAT Testing Code of Practice states that you should have your equipment calibrated at least once every 12 months, though tools that are used extremely frequently may require more regular calibration. It's also advised that any damaged equipment be calibrated immediately after repairs.

We here at Testermans understand how important it is for you to receive a fast, professional service; every day your tools are being calibrated is a day they're not in use, which is why we are confident we can offer to have your equipment calibrated and ready to ship within as little as three days of receipt!

So if you need your tools calibrating, look no further than Testermans. Just follow the three easy steps below and we can get to work calibrating your equipment ASAP!

What needs calibrating?

Testermans has a wide array of precise, professional-grade calibration tools capable of handling almost any piece of electrical testing kit - check out the table below to see what we can provide.

Multimeters (Handheld)£35.00
Insulation / Continuity Testers£30.00
Loop Testers£30.00
RCD Testers£30.00
Calibration Checkboxes£35.00
Earth Resistance Meters£35.00
Multifunction Testers£50.00
Sound Level Meters£45.00 (prices may vary)
Clamp Meters£35.00
Torque Wrenches to 1000lt / ft£45.00 (prices may vary)
Thermal Imaging Cameras£110.00 (prices may vary)
Decade Boxes£40.00
PAT Testers (Handheld / Battery Operated)£35.00
PAT Testers (Non-Handheld / Mains Operated)£50.00
PAT Testers (Seaward PT 300 & 350 | Apollo Range)£50.00
PAT Testers (With Flash Test)£55.00
Set of 3 - RCD | Insulation / Continuity | Loop Testers£70.00
Proving Units (Conformity Certificate Only)£15.00
VoltSticks (Conformity Certificate Only)£10.00
Voltage & Continuity Testers (Conformity Certificate Only)£15.00
Option 1 - Drop it off!

Get it free by dropping your equipment in and picking it up.

Option 2 - Pay Online & Save!

Post your equipment to us and we will return it to you.

Option 3 - We collect and return!  - £30.00 +VAT

Call or email us to arrange collection and return of your equipment
(Shipping outside mainland UK may cost more, contact us for more details).


Choose Your Service

Choose the appropriate listing below that suits your tester. Please note we also offer express calibration (24-hour turnaround once we receive your tester). If that is a requirement then simply click the checkbox for express calibration and proceed to the checkout. If the standard turnaround of 3-5 days is all you need then click standard service and proceed to the checkout.

Calibration Discount Vouchers Cannot Be Used in Conjunction with Online Calibration Orders If you do send a Calibration Discount Voucher no further discount will be offered & we'll return the voucher with your tester!