Buy a Fluke 114, 115, 116, or 117 Digital Multimeter and get a FREE 1AC VoltAlert.

Starting on the 1st April 22, up to and including 31st May 22.

Fluke’s best selling digital multimeter range just got even more value for money. This spring Fluke is offering you a free handy 1AC Non-Contact VoltAlert Voltage Tester when you buy any of the Fluke DMM 11X range. So, not only will you get a compact, easy-to-use, general troubleshooting multimeter, with 5-star reviews. You’ll also get a versatile and useful freebie to help keep you safe.

The VoltAlert is a must-have tool for anyone from electricians to maintenance and facilities personnel, safety personnel and homeowners. Keep one in your pocket and always be ready to carry out quick checks on wires, sockets and exposed wiring, alerting you to energised circuits and the presence of voltage.

When using your electrical test equipment always be sure that you exercise safe work practices and wear any appropriate PPE required.

How does the promotion work?

Between April 1st, 2022 and May 31st, 2022, if you purchase a Fluke, 114115116, or 117 you can claim a FREE 1AC VoltAlert Voltage Tester direct from Fluke.

To qualify for this offer:

  • Purchases must be made from Testermans Ltd /; an authorized Fluke distributor in the UK.
  • Proof of purchase in the form of an invoice is required.
  • Packing slips, purchase orders/order confirmations are not accepted as proof of purchase.
  • Customers claim their FREE 1AC VoltAlert on the banner on the Fluke website
  • Fluke sends out the gift within 4 weeks after registration
  • Go to Promotions and Contests page to register your purchase and claim your free item.

Further Information

Qualifying products for this offer are:

Read more about the Fluke 1 AC VoltAler