Beha Amprobe AF-600-EUR A-Frame Ground Fault Locator

⚡ Clearly view the auto backlight LCD display in bright sunlight and all other outdoor conditions

⚡ The AF-600-EUR A-Frame comes complete with batteries and a carrying case

⚡ Essential Service Tracing Accessory

⚡ Find the point of cable leakage

⚡ Locate cable & wires ground faults

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The AF-600-EUR A-Frame is designed to be used with the UAT-600-EUR Series Underground Utilities Locator Kits UAT-610 & UAT-620

Ground faults are a common problem with electrical cables. Find any fault with the AF-600 A-Frame cable ground fault locator, specifically designed for use with the Amprobe UAT-600 Series. Set up the UAT-600-T Transmitter to apply a fault find a signal to the utility under test, the AF-600 A-Frame receives the signal and locates the place of the fault.

The AF-600 will pinpoint where a cable metal conductor (either a sheath or a metallic conductor of the wire) touches the ground and can also detect other conductors to ground faults such as pipeline coating defect

Key Features:

  • Identify any point of leakage around a cable
  • Locate cable and wire ground faults, sheath faults or pipeline coating defects, where the utility is in direct contact with the ground
  • Find the exact point where metal is touching the ground and power is leaking, ie, a shield is rusted or a rubber buffer is broken, creating noise on a cable
  • Advanced technology and digital signal processing make the pinpointing process fast, accurate and clear:
    – Compass guidance with numeric fault field strength indicates the direction of the fault
    – Distance sensitive left and right arrows guide the user to precisely follow the path of the buried utility
    – Automatic gain control quickly detects tracing signal and precisely adjusts the A-Frame sensitivity
    – Adjustable volume controls
  • AF-600 A-Frame receiver
  • 6 x AA Batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual, Detailed Specification Sheet


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