CPR/AED Course

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation & Automated external defibrillator Course

This is a 1/2 day course covering  CPR/AED, life saving skills the course has no written test, but requires a on going assignment over the course and  practical skills, giving you a good working knowledge of the live saving skills that can be used in an emergency situation


  • Q, How long will the qualification last.
  • A, all first aid courses last 3 years
  • Q, will, the courses meet all the work place requirements
  • A, this course is not designed for the workplace due to the limited subjects but will help in emergency situations
  • Q, how long will the course take
  • A, the course will be a minimum of ½ day 4 hours
  • Q, how can do this course
  • A, any one wishing to know this basis life saving skills


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