Di-Log DL6780 CombiVolt 1 Voltage & Continuity Tester


£45.00 / £37.50 excl VAT

⚡ Testing of AC/DC voltages from 12 to 690 V AC/DC

⚡ Continuity testing with an optical and acoustic indication

⚡ Automatic switching between voltage and continuity

⚡ Phase rotation test system



Product Details:

Di-Log DL6780 Voltage & Continuity Tester:

CombiVolt™ Voltage & Continuity Testers with Phase Rotation Test. The three-in-one testers with a rugged ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling.

  • Single pole phase indication
  • Fully compliant with GS38
  • Fully operational voltage indication even when batteries are discharged
  • Will not trip any RCD when testing across Live and Earth
  • Single pole detection when L2 probe connected above 100V

Socket Tester c/w Buzzer:

  • Clear visual and audible indication of wiring status
  • LED indication of a wide range of wiring conditions
  • Designed to EN 61010 and IP30
  • The simple and reliable test for correct socket wiring.

Non – Contact Volt Detector Voltstick VoltPen:

  • Complete with Batteries
  • Guaranteed for 12 Months (Not Batteries)
  • Detects voltages from 90v to 1000v AC
  • CAT II 100v Rated
  • Tip illuminates and emits an audible sound when voltage is detected
  • Also has a built-in torch for dark areas

Soft Carry Case:

  • Durable zip-up Di-Log carry case
  • Can be used with Di-Log Combivolt 1, Combivolt 2, Kewtech Kew1700 or Kew1710
Voltage Display 12-690V AC/DC
LED Resolution 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400 and 690V
LCD Resolution N/A
Voltage Detection Automatic
Acoustic Signal AC Voltage – DC voltage
Polarity Detection Full Range
Response Time LED < 0.1s
Frequency Range 0-400Hz
Peak Current Is < 0.3A/Is (after 5s) < 3.5mA
Operation Time 30s
Recovery Time 10min
Auto Power On <12V AC/DC
Voltage Range 100-690V AC
Frequency Range 50-400Hz
Single Pole
Measuring Range 0-400kΩ
Voltage Range 100-690V AC
Frequency 50-400Hz
Overvoltage Protection 690V AC/DC
Power Supply 2 x 1.5V LR03 Batteries
Dimensions 255 x 70 x 28mm
Weight 200g
  • Di-Log DL6780 CombiVolt 1