First Aid Courses


⚡ Emergency first aid at work – (1 day) ideal for workplace and clubs.

⚡ First aid at work – (3 days) ideal for the workplace with a more in-depth look at first aid.

⚡ Paediatric first aid – (12 hours) ideal for anyone looking after children, schools, clubs, nurseries, and childminders.

⚡ First aid basic life support CPR/AED (1 day) A first aid course for anyone not in the workplace.

⚡ Driver first aid (1 day) Ideal for a professional driver.



First Aid at Work

These courses are a more in-depth look at many first Aid subjects and life-saving topics including CPR/AED, choking, burns, heart attack, strokes, word management, and much more, the course has a written test, and a variety of practical skills, giving you a good working knowledge of the skills that can help or even save lives.


  • Q, How long will the qualification last.
  • A, All first aid courses last 3 years
  • Q, Will, the courses meet all the workplace requirements
  • A, Yes the courses meet all the requirements set out by the health and safety executive.
  • Q, How long will the course take
  • A, The course will be a minimum of 16 hours over 3 days.
  • Q, Can anyone do a first aid course
  • A, Yes anyone can learn the skills of First Aid and make a difference.


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