First Stop Safety BATT-PAT, PAT tester Incl 1 Year Calibration + Gift (SH)

  • 1 Year Calibration, with detailed certificate
  • 50% Calibration Voucher to use on your next calibration
  • 3 Months Testermans Warranty
  • Like new condition
  • Free New Wiha Insulated Scewdriver Set

£150.00 exc VAT / £180.00 inc VAT

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BATTPAT perfect for beginner testers looking to perform in-house testing of electrical devices without breaking the budget. Built with novices in mind, the BATTPAT’s built with simplicity in mind, without sacrificing functionality – the BATTPAT is just as powerful as any other entry-level tester out there!

The BATTPAT includes 4 different test modes for each type of item you’re likely to encounter – class I metal, class I plastic, class II and power cords, with an additional Long Lead sub-mode for power cords, allowing you to test extensions leads well over 20 meters in length. The inclusion of a low current Earth Continuity test means this tester is also safe for use with sensitive equipment, such as IT devices like computers and printers.

Each test mode is extremely simple to initiate, just connect the device and press one of the clearly marked test buttons to begin, from there, the meter will display either a PASS or FAIL indicator for each of the specific tests run (earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity) on the device, as well as an overall PASS or FAIL ranking.

The BATTPAT’s rechargable battery ensures that the device is able to handle almost any job, with each full charge capable of handling around 500 tests before need to be recharged – something that takes as little as one hour using the BATTPAT’s quick charge mode. A charging unit is included with the device. Lastly, a selection of PAT test labels and sample forms mean that even someone completely new to safety testing can be set up and ready to test in less than half an hour of unpacking!





At Testermans we pride ourselves on allowing customers to trade in PAT Testers, Multifunction Testers, Single Function Testers and much more.

All equipment is Calibrated in our Laboratory, cleaned and made to look new as possible. Any Leads, Probes, Clips, Bags, Batteries and Cases are replaced if they do not reach our quality standards.

Calibration Certificates are provided with PAT Testers, Clamp Meters, Multimeters, Multifunction Testers and Single Function Testers.





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