HandyMAN TEK950 LCD Voltage & Continuity Tester and case with 

Leaderman MCB/RCD Starter Lock Out/ Off kit

The TEK950 electrical tester provides electricians with a versatile high quality voltage and continuity tester. High quality rubber over-moulded construction and clear indication makes this the professional’s choice. Screw-on tip caps provide compliance with the Health and Safety Executives GS38 guidance note. Comes with a tough and hard wearing material case featuring a zipper opening and additional interior pocket ideal for extra leads and accessories.


  • AC/DC voltage detection
  • Polarity detection
  • Single pole phase test
  • Continuity test
  • Rotary field indication
  • Flashilight
  • HSE GS38 compliant tip caps
  • IP64
  • Over-voltage class CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V
  • Self test button


  • LCD Display: 1999 counts
  • Power supply: 2x 1.5V AAA Batteries
  • Temperature range: -10°C up to +55°C
  • Humidity: Max.85% relative humidity
  • Overvoltage class: CATIII -1000V
  • Voltage range: 6, 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, 690V AC/DC
  • Resolution: 1V AC/DC
  • Tolerances (DCV): +1.0% of reading +3 digit
  • Tolerances (ACV): +1.5% of reading +5 digit
  • 690VAC max. measuring current: approx. <3.0mA
  • 690VDC max. measuring current: approx. <2.5mA
  • Voltage detection: Automatic
  • Polarity detection: Full range
  • Range detection: Automatic
  • Response time: Updates 2~3 / sec.
  • ACV Frequency range: 50/60Hz
  • Temperature range: -10°C up to +55°C
  • Humidity: Max.85% relative humidity
  • Internal Impedance: approx. <1MΩ
  • Operation time: Long

Leaderman Lockout Starter Kit

The Leaderman Starter kit gives you the basic requirements to carry out a safe and secure lockout. Ideal for electricians and engineers who regularly work on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers or electrical isolators. Up to date models all supplied in a soft but strong pouch.


  • 1x LMLOK25 multiple lockout 25mm hasp to allow more than 1 padlock to be applied at any point of isolation
  • Silverline screwdriver
  • 1x LMPL8 lock out padlock
  • 2x LMPL1 Red Metal Mini padlocks
  • 3x LMTAG3 Lockout tags
  • 10x cable ties
  • 1x LMWP1 Label pen
  • 2x MCB Metal MCB
  • 1x LM Leaderman Pouch

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Weight 750 g


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TEK950 provides electricians with a high quality voltage and continuity tester. Leaderman Starter kit allows the basic requirements to carry out secure lockouts

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