Kewtech FFINDER 2 Fuse Finder With Mains Lead – Fusefinder2

⚡ Two separate parts, a transmitter and a receiver.

⚡ The transmitter connects to the circuit

⚡ Transmitter is powered from the supply

⚡ The receiver picks up the signal sent by the transmitter

⚡ The receiver can auto-tune

⚡ Clear LEDs indicating signal strength

⚡ Auto power-off function

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This Kewtech Fuse Finder 2 is a safe, effective method of identifying the location of a fuse and defining which fuse/MCB controls a particular circuit.

The Fuse Finder 2 actually consists of two things; a transmitter, and a receiver. The transmitter is powered directly from the mains supply and is used by attaching it directly to a circuit. When attached, this transmitter gives off a signal which is injected into the circuit and this will be picked up by the receiver at the other end. The receiver is attached directly to a fuse board and will analyse the signal given off by the transmitter to detect fuse presence. It’ll also automatically adjust its sensitivity to detect the strongest signal and detect the correct fuse.

Transmitter – connects to the circuit to be traced by either the mains lead or fused test lead set. The transmitter is powered from the supply so does not need batteries. It injects a signal into the circuit that is then picked up by the receiver at the fuse board.

Receiver – this cleverly auto-tunes when scanning a bank of fuses/MCBs. At least two scans are required so that the receiver can adjust its sensitivity to detect the strongest signal and hence the correct fuse for the circuit under test.

LEDs clearly indicate signal strength and auto power-off maximises battery life.

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Mains Lead Cable (for Transmitter)
  • Instruction Manual
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