Kewtech JUMPLD1 R1 R2 Electrical Testing Jump Lead Test Set


£20.34 / £16.95 excl VAT

⚡ For facilitation R1 R2 testing and insulation testing at distribution boards

⚡ Cables are coloured black with bright yellow connectors for easy identification

⚡ Small crocodile clips for easier attachment in distribution boards

⚡ 2 Years Kewtech Warranty

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Product Details:

This jump lead set contains bright yellow and black leads to help you identify the lead when it’s being used in combination with other test equipment/leads.

They are designed mainly for improving efficiency when carrying out R1 R2 testing, and the bundle package contains both 2 x 150mm leads and 2 x 450mm leads. Each lead also has small crocodile clips built-in, allowing them to be easily attached to distribution boards and help you to perform insulation testing.

  • 2 x 150mm leads.
  • 2 x 450mm leads.
  • Bright yellow crocodile clip covers.
  • Crocodile clips