Kewtech KEW3128 Kyoritsu Data Logging 12KV High Voltage Insulation Tester


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⚡ High quality, microprocessor-controlled high voltage insulation resistance tester with built-in diagnostic functions
⚡ Ideal for use with cables, transformers, motors, generators, high pressure switches, insulators and wiring installations
⚡ 6 selectable test voltages: 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10,000and 12,000V with fine adjustment of voltage settings at each range
⚡ Measure insulation resistance up to 35T
⚡ Graphic representation of insulation resistance/leakage current versus time on large backlit display (with bargraph)

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Kewtech KEW3128 Kyoritsu Data Logging 12KV High Voltage Insulation Tester

Product details:

Use this high voltage insulation tester to analyse the insulation of cables, transformers, generators, high pressure switches, insulators and wiring installations.

The Kewtech KEW3128 has 6 test voltage ranges: 500V, 1000V,2500V, 5000V, 10000V and 12000V. This gives the tester maximum insulation resistance range of up to 35T? and makes it fully suitable for use in a wide variety of high voltage installations.

This insulation tester is ideal for logging insulation breakdown over a time period thanks to built-in data logging capabilities. Up to 43,000 individual records can be directly stored on the tester’s memory, complete with real-time insulation resistance/leakage current graphic representation with time and bargraph*.

Kewtech’s 3128 is designed to be powered directly from its built-in rechargeable battery or directly from mains AC power. It’s also made for use in tough environments and is IP64 rated when the lid is closed.

Additional functions of this unit include a print screen function for recording the display as a BMP image, filter function, leakage current/capacitance measurements, voltage/frequency measurements and automatic discharge after testing to ensure your safety at all times.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use via rechargeable battery or can be directly powered from an AC line
  • Automatic discharge after testing with monitoring of discharge voltage
  • Very high short-circuit current up to 5mA speeds up testing of capacitive loads, with minimal charging times
  • Compliant with IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V for use in industrial applications
  • Live circuit warning by message on display and audible buzzer
  • IP64 rated (with lid closed) with drip and dust proof design
  • Integrated data logging capabilities – store up to 40,000 individual records in 32 files
  • Recording function up to 90 minutes with sampling interval of every second
  • Print screen function allows recording of current display asa BMP image
  • Automatic measurement of leakage current and display when insulation resistance test is running
  • Object capacitance also displayed after insulation resistance test is finished
  • Measure voltage from 30 to 600V AC/DC
  • Frequency measurements from 45 to 65Hz
  • Full suite of diagnostic insulation tests – PI (polarisation index), DAR (dielectric absorption ratio), DD (dielectric discharge) and SV(step voltage)
  • Kewtech 3128 High Voltage Insulation Tester
  • HV Line Probe
  • HV Line Probe with Alligator Clip
  • Earth Cord
  • Guard Cord
  • Extension Prod
  • Mains Cord
  • 8212-USB: USB Adaptor + KEW Windows Software
  • Instruction Manual
  • Manufacturer’s Calibration Certificate


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