Kewtech Kitbag 4 for PAT Testers, KTD Kit, accessories & more

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Kewtech Kitbag 4 for PAT Testers, KTD Kit, accessories & more

Made from a strong durable material the Kewtech KITBAG 4 is able to carry your equipment from A to B without getting damaged in transit.

Suitable to carry  a wide variety from Pat testers to Multifunction testers to just your everyday accessories and smaller multimeters.

You could even use it as your lunch bag as the material is so thick that it could retain the cool temperature of an ice pack for hours.

Suitable for:

  • KTD 30, 40, 50 Testers
  • KT63 Multifunction Tester
  • KT71 and KT72 PAT Testers
  • KT31 and KT35 Insulation and Continuity Tester
  • KT56 RCD Tester

​*If unsure of whether your tester will fit, feel free to give us a call and we can try it out for size for you.

Internal measurements: 


300 x 170 x 170 mm


  • Strong handle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Inside lid pocket for documents
  • Removable velcro inserts 
  • Removable super padded interior wall.

Additional information

Weight 750 g


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Kewtech medium Kit Bag 4 for KT71 and KT72 PAT Tester plus accessories and manuals. Also suitable for the KTD Kit, KT63, KT31, KT35, KT56.

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