Leaderman KIT3P Insulated Nylon Padlocks Danger Tags & Pen


£15.38 / £18.46 incl VAT

⚡ Insulated Padlock
⚡ Non-Conductive & Anti-Spark
⚡ Bold And Clear Tags
⚡ Black Pen
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Product Details:

  • Leaderman Insulated Nylon Padlocks Danger Tags & Pen Details:
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Padlock is supplied in multiple colours and may vary between Red/White/Black/Purple/Blue/Orange
  • Body width: 38mm; Shackle length: 38mm; Shackle diameter: 6mm.
  • 1 x LMWP1 waterproof marker pen (with eraser on the end)
  • 2 x LMTAG3 double-sided lock out tags 
  • Supplied with two keys for each lock
  • 2 x LMPL8 Padlocks supplied complete with “DANGER” and “PROPERTY OF”‘ padlock labels


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