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Leaderman MCB/RCD Lockout/Off Essential Isolator Kit

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The Leaderman Lockout Essential Isolator kit gives you a range of 7 different MCB lockout devices to carry out a safe and secure lockout. Ideal for electricians and engineers who regularly work on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers or electrical isolators. Up to date models all supplied in a soft but strong case.


  • LMDPL8 Insulated Lock Out Padlock
  • LDMC25 Leaderman Case
  • LMLOK3-P Blue MCB Lock with Pin
  • LMLOK4 Red medium MCB Lock
  • LMLOK1 Green MCB Lock
  • LMLOK2 Yellow MCB Lock
  • LMLOK10 Blue Push Pin MCB Lock
  • LMLOK11 Green Push Pin MCB Lock
  • LMLOK15 Yellow Push Pin MCB Lock
  • LDMLOK25 25mm Hasp
  • LDMWP1 Label Pen 
  • LMDTAG3 Lockout Tags x4
  • Cable Ties x10



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Leaderman Essential kit offers 7 different MCB locks and other items. Ideal for electricians and engineers working with circuit breakers or electrical isolators

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