Leaderman PAT Tester Earth Bond/Continuity Test Lead 20mm Open Jaw LDMEBLFCI

Strong 20mm opening jaw

Total 1.2 meter Lenght


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LEADERMAN LDMEBLFC1 Silicone Test Lead 20mm Open Jaw


Product Details

Leaderman presents a brand new style of Earth Bond Lead. The unique crocodile clip features a unique non off set style often seen with standard crocodile clips. It also features a jaw extension that allows you to clamp it onto those hard to reach screw heads and bolts during testing.

The clip also features a more generous spacing further down for the “bigger” grips that can often be required during testing, 20mm open jaw.


Ideal for a wide range of PAT Testers including:

  • Seaward Primetest Range
  • Seaward Apollo Range
  • Metrel GammaPAT
  • Metrel DeltaPAT
  • Megger PAT120/ PAT150/PAT420
  • Martindale HPAT 500/600
  • Fluke 6200/6500
  • Kewtech KT71/KT72


This test lead is also ideal for remote display multimeters (Fluke 233) when testing and fault finding on vehicles as the 20mm jaw fits perfectly around the battery terminals.


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 999.99 cm

Leaderman LDM001 Test Lead Set

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