Manual Handling Course

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Manual Handling

This is a ½ day course covering many aspects of moving loads from one place to place using the human body including the mechanics of lifting, lowering, pulling, or pushing a load, the course has a written test along with some practical skills and gives a good understanding of how to move objects safely in the workplace.


  • Q, How long will the qualification last.
  • A, The courses last 3 years
  • Q, Will, the courses meet all the workplace requirements
  • A, This course is designed for the workplace
  • Q, How long will the course take
  • A, The course will be a minimum of ½ day
  • Q, Can anyone do this course
  • A, Yes anyone can do the course
  • Q, What if I have a health problem
  • A, Muscular and skeletal problems may limit some of the practices of the course but we will work with you to keep you safe on the course

Notes When Booking Courses

  • Dress code, many of the courses have a practical session
  • PPE is required when training, please bring your PPE
  • Any special need
  • Parking
  • What equipment is on-site ( tv, screen, project, etc.)
  • Setting uptime
  • Power supply
  • Tables and chairs
  • If an outside practice is required is there somewhere to use (fire, spill kit)
  • No lipstick when on a first aid course


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