Martindale EZ165 Socket & Non-Trip Earth Loop Tester


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  • Quick & easy mains socket polarity and earth testing
  • Red/Green LEDs show 28 fault conditions
  • Non-trip earth loop impedance test
  • Tough sculpted design for easy removal
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It is fair to say that when it comes to a first line of defence in electrical safety, socket testers are a great way of keeping anyone working with electricity safe. Consequently, there are a huge variety of socket testers on the market and it can be difficult to choose which one is best suited to the application you are working on. All socket testers will check basic connections have been made correctly, however three new Martindale Electric socket testers give professionals more features and less headaches when it comes to choosing the right unit for the job in hand.

Martindale Electric’s BZ701, for example, not only detects the basic 28 socket wiring fault conditions and checks the mains voltage level, it also safely detects Line-Neutral reversal (cross polarity) at the incoming supply. The polarity swap test detects fault conditions on PME/ TN-C-S systems (the most common type of supply) that cannot be identified by normal socket testers. It is easily activated by using the touch pad on the BZ701. Correct polarity is indicated by three flashing green LEDs. A fault condition is clearly indicated by three red LEDs and a warning buzzer.

The recently launched EZ165 and EZ365 also detect the 28 basic fault conditions and check the mains voltage level too. Both models also show how safe the earth wiring is by carrying out a non-trip earth loop test and indicating its value in six discrete ranges. A low earth resistance is essential for safety disconnection devices to work properly and prevent electrocution when faults occur.

In addition to all the features of the basic EZ165 model, the EZ365 not only checks for L-NE polarity swap at the incoming supply as featured on the BZ701, but also can be used to trip test 30mA RCDs by using the touchpad.

Martindale Electric’s socket testers make it easy for electricians to choose the right level of features they need for their work and offer a crucial first line of defence when it comes to electrical safety.

These three sophisticated testers are in addition to the Martindale famous Check Plug and “Buzz-it” ranges.

Key Features

In addition to detecting 28 socket wiring fault conditions and checking mains voltage levels, the EZ165 verifies the earth wiring by carrying out a non-trip earth loop test and indicating its value in 6 discrete ranges from less than 1.7Ω to 500Ω.

A low earth resistance is essential for safety disconnection devices to work properly and prevent electrocution when faults occur. In contrast basic socket testers only indicate the presence of an earth and will do so even when resistance values are dangerously high.

Socket polarity and earth wiring faults are identified by a combination of red LEDs. The 3 LEDs correspond to neutral, earth and live connections to aid fast identification of the source of common faults. A look up chart on the tester provides further fault diagnosis.

The EZ165 is an Advanced Socket Tester as defined by the Health & Safety Executive as it indicates earth loop impedance.  Advanced Socket Testers offer a simple solution to verifying socket earthing and are commonly used by engineers and technicians prior to servicing and installing mains powered electrical and gas appliances.

The EZ165 replaces the Martindale EZ150.


Nominal operating voltage 230V AC rms
Operating frequency 50Hz
Power consumption <2.5W
Power from mains socket under test
Non-trip earth loop impedance ranges 0 – 1.7 – 5 – 10 – 100 – 200 – 500Ω
Earth loop threshold accuracy ± (10% + 0.3Ω) *
Voltage low indication <195V ± 5%
Voltage high indication >270V ± 5%
Earth neutral voltage high indication >30V nominal
Open earth indication >500Ω ± 10%
Dimensions 65 x 80 x 59mm
Weight 93 g approx
Temperature (Operating & Storage) -10°C to 40°C, at max. 60% RH
Altitude up to 2000m
Weight 93 g approx
Pollution degree: 2
Weight 93 g approx
Safety Conforms to BS EN 61010-1, CAT II 300V, Class II, double insulation
EMC Conforms to BS EN 61326-1

* Measurement accuracy can be affected by highly inductive or capacitive loads distributed on the supply.


EZ165 EZ365 EZ2500
Indicate functional socket
Detect line/neutral reversal
Detect presence of earth
Audible indication
Mains voltage check
Earth loop impedance range
Earth loop impedance value
Polarity swap touch test
30mA RCD trip check
Digital display



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