Martindale MARIRC325 Spot Thermal Camera

£199.00 exc VAT / £238.80 inc VAT


IRC thermal imaging cameras from Martindale Electric represent a breakthrough in affordable thermal imaging, for troubleshooting electrical and mechanical installations.

Real time thermal imaging with spot infrared temperature measurement and rugged pistol design, the IRC’s the ideal tool for electricians. The cameras show hot and cold spots and accurately measure spot temperatures of hot and hard to reach surfaces.

The advanced thermal images, displayed on the 4.5cm colour display, combine colour temperature gradients and component outlines to quickly troubleshoot problems, be it poor electrical connections, phase unbalance or faulty motors and bearings.

The point and shoot design’s easy to use, enabling you to get running without the need to navigate complicated menus.

Additional information

Weight 445 g
Dimensions 27 × 14 × 7 cm


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