Chauvin Arnoux PEL KIT – 4 Crocodile Clips & Banana Leads (P01295476)

Chauvin Arnoux

£112.00 / £134.40 incl VAT

⚡ The Chauvin Arnoux Kit of banana leads and crocodile clips comes with black and red variant.
⚡ Designed to last longer than any other leads currently available
⚡ Resist melting if they come in contact with hot surfaces 
⚡ For PEL103, 104
⚡ Product Code: P01295476
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Chauvin Arnoux PEL KIT – 4 Crocodile Clips & Banana Leads (P01295476)

Product Details:

PEL Kit 4 is a set of electrical testing accessories designed for professionals who work with electronic equipment. The kit includes four crocodile clips and four banana leads, which are commonly used to connect testing equipment to electrical circuits and devices.

The crocodile clips are made of high-quality metal and are coated with insulation to ensure safe and reliable testing. The clips are easy to attach to wires and cables, making it simple to measure electrical current and voltage levels.

The banana leads are similarly well-designed, with sturdy connectors and durable insulation. The leads are color-coded to help users identify positive and negative connections and are compatible with a wide range of testing equipment.

Overall, the PEL Kit 4 is a versatile and reliable set of testing accessories that can help professionals perform a wide range of electrical tests with accuracy and confidence. Whether you are working on a small hobby project or a complex industrial application, this kit is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to measure electrical signals with precision.

  • x4 crocodile clips
  • x4 Banana Leads


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