Radiodetection gC.A.T4+ / gC.A.T4 Data logging Cable Avoidance Tool

Includes all features but the Depth estimation. (This is availible on the gC.A.T+ Model).

Datalogging through Bluetooth so you can store all data through your mobile phone.



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Radiodetection gC.A.T4 Data Logging Cable Avoidance Tool with GPS/GNSS | Radiodetection gC.A.T4 + w/ Depth Estimation Function

The highest specialised model available in the range of Radiodetections professional underground cable and utility locators. The gC.A.T4 combines together a massive amount of features into an intuitive, easy-to-use instrument optimised for use by excavation professionals in outdoor conditions.

The gC.A.T4 features an internal GPS/GNSS which automatically logs the position of all the instrument every second, alongside key location parameters to prove work history and working practice. A GPS system that built into the gC.A.T4 has been designed to enable fast GPS Satellite connectors, even if the avoidance tool’s only used for only a few seconds at a time, there’s no user interaction needed.

gC.A.T4, the first Cable Avoidance Tool from Radiodetection to include Bluetooth and GPS connection as standard, allowing the indicator to wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet that has Radiodetections App.

C.A.T Manager App Icon

**Mobile App** C.A.T Manager

C.A.T Manager Online – Reduce cable strikes by automatically recording data from all your gC.A.T4 cable avoidance tools in the Radiodetections Online Secure Cloud.

Created for users whom own a Fleet of C.A.Ts and have a problem with managing and analysing data from those devices C.A.T Manager Online links your gC.A.T4 to the Radiodetection C.A.T Manager online secure cloud. This App’s the solution to all Data Management, automatically transferring data from gC.A.T4 to Radiodetections Secure Cloud.

Available on both Google Play & Apple App Store.


CAT4 Optional Extras Sheet.



  • ‘SWING warning’ – ground-breaking feature warns operators of incorrect usage (excessive and rapid swinging of the instrument) to promote best working practices.


  • Data acquisition – log over a year’s worth of locating data that can be downloaded by USB and reported on using the optional CAT Manager Software package (available to select from above). Not only suitable for project management, but data can be analysed and used to highlight poor working practice.


  • CALSafe and service indication – once activated, the gC.A.T4 tool will automatically ‘lock-out’ upon setting a calibration expiry date. A service reminder indicator can also set to count down 31 days to inform the user of an imminent calibration service.


  • ‘StrikeAlert’ – a feature that warns the operative of utilities that are situated at a shallow level underground that could threaten a possible ‘strike’ risk.




In some cases utilities may be too deep or far away for the gC.A.T4 to locate by its own means, Radiodetections Genny4 will help these types of struggles. The Genny4 signal Generator inducest a dual frequency in the ground for the gC.A.T4 to locate the otherwise hidden utilities etc.

(Genny4 sold separately)


The Radiodetection gC.A.T4 of the 4 user modes as below:

  • Avoidance mode – detect genny, power and radio signals at the same time
  • Power mode – detect EMF signals that surround live underground power cables
  • Radio mode – detecs long wave radio signals travelling along buried pipes/cables
  • Genny mode – receives signals created by the Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator


All of the C.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tools feature ‘Dynamic Overload Protection’. This means the instrument filters out nuisance electrical ‘noise’, which can generate in environments where electrical machinery’s operated that can have an adverse affect on accurately locating underground services.


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Radiodetection gC.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool, Radiodetection gC.A.T4+ with Depth Estimation Function £101.80 (£122.16 Inc. VAT)


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