Radiodetection eC.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool

  • Quick and easy detection of signal-generating buried utilities
  • Four separate signal detection modes
  • Network Rail Approved
  • High contrast, backlit LCD display with Metric or Imperial depth units
  • 12 Month Warranty


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Radiodetection eC.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool w/ Optional CalSafe and StrikeAlert Functions

While the standard range C.A.T4 Series are outstanding products, the functionality of the eC.A.T4 range makes them by far the superior testing instruments. A result of extensive research into testing the ground in order to effectively locate buried utilities. Thus allowing professionals to safely excavate around the utilities, eC.A.T4 provides a comprehensive solution for detecting, logging and avoiding gas piping, water pipes telecom cables, streetlight spurs and any other submerged utilities.

The eCAT4 extends the specification offered by the C.A.T4 by including the following features as standard:

‘SWING warning’ – SWING warning alerts the user to incorrect operation through excessive or rapid swinging of the instrument that could potentially lead to incorrect detections.

Data acquisition – An internal electronic memory allows for over a year’s worth of data to store on the e.C.A.T4. Data can back up to a PC at any time, giving unlimited record keeping for the life of the product. Data’s analysed to aid in compliance and for identifying areas where instrument use can improve as part of a training schedule – Add C.A.T Manager software above for full reporting functionality.


C.A.T Manager App Icon

**Mobile App** C.A.T Manager

C.A.T Manager Online – Reduce cable strikes by automatically recording data from all your gC.A.T4 cable avoidance tools in the Radiodetections Online Secure Cloud.

Created for users whom own a Fleet of C.A.Ts and have a problem with managing and analysing data from those devices C.A.T Manager Online links your gC.A.T4 to the Radiodetection C.A.T Manager online secure cloud. This App’s the solution to all Data Management, automatically transferring data from gC.A.T4s to Radiodetections Secure Cloud.

Available on both Google Play & Apple App Store.


CAT4 Optional Extras Sheet.Following options are available to select from the drop-down list above:

CALSafe and service indication – enabled units can set to automatically deactivate on expiry of the defined calibration interval, assisting compliance with individual company policies.

‘StrikeAlert’ – enables the eCAT4 to detect utilities that are buried at a shallow depth that may cause potential ‘strike’ risks.

For the majority of applications, the eCAT4 cable avoidance tool should operate with Radiodection’s Genny4 Signal Generator. When used alongside the Genny4, the eCAT4 can be used in ‘genny mode’, detecting cables and pipes that don’t generate radio signals/EMFs, or perhaps may be too far away/buried too deep for the eCAT4 tool to locate on its own.


Featuring 4 user modes, the Radiodetection eC.A.T4 ideal for a multitude of applications:

Avoidance mode – Simultaneously detects genny, power and radio signals
Power mode – Detects EMFs that naturally circulate buried loaded power cables
Radio mode – Detects long-range radio signals travelling along buried pipes and cables
Genny mode – Used for detecting signals generated by the Radiodetection Genny4 Signal Generator





All Radiodetection, C.A.T4 and Genny4 products are Network Rail approved

Please Click here to view the Network Rail Acceptance Certificate.

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Weight 2300 g
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Standard eC.A.T4 Cable Avoidance Tool, eC.A.T4 with CALSafe +£40.50 (+£48.60 Inc. VAT), eC.A.T4 with StrikeAlert +£53.10 (+£63.72 Inc. VAT), eC.A.T4 with CALSafe and StrikeAlert +£94.50 (+£113.40 Inc. VAT)


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