Radiodetection RD7100 Buried Cable and Pipe utility locator

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RD7100 Cable and Pipe Locator

A precision buried utility locator, specifically designed for use in the construction industry. Built with the most advanced tracing utilities, trace underground cables and pipes accurately along a single path. The guidance mode, gives directional information using arrows allowing you to stay on the right cables path.

Packed with handy features, the RD7100, StrikeAlert feature gives a visual and audible warning of shallow cables helping avoid risk. Depth measurement readings help to assess how deep cables are buried, compass orientation’s available when using in active mode which determines and displays the orientation of the target cable or pipe, when directly over the cable, the TruDepth™ technology gives an accurate depth reading.

The RD7100SL has four active and two passive frequencies that are designed to cover the majority of site locating tasks. The SL’s optimised specifically for the construction industry and Dynamic overload protection technology means even in areas of high interference, a light will flash should the locator has become overloaded and disable functions.

Key Features

  • 4 active locate frequencies – 8kHz (8192Hz) / 33kHz (32768Hz) / 65kHz (65536Hz) / 83kHz (83077Hz)
  • 2 passive locate modes – Power / Radio
  • StrikeAlert™ warning – Gives an audible and visual indication of shallow cables
  • IP65 rated built for on-site use – Shock resistant and ingress protected
  • High contrast screen
  • Compass Orientation – Orientate the locator correctly in active mode only
  • Depth measurement
  • Guidance Mode / Peak Mode – Allows you to quickly follow utility paths with directional information
  • TruDepth™ technology – When locator’s above cable an accurate reading can taken
  • Easy to use menu system with optimized capabilities for requirements
  • Backlit screen
  • Ergonomic, balanced and lightweight design


Active Locate frequencies
4 8kHz (8192Hz)
33kHz (32768Hz)
65kHz (65536Hz)
83kHz (83077Hz)
Passive Locate Modes
2 Power
Locate Function Enhancements
Dynamic Overload Protection
Simultaneous depth and current readout
Sensitivity 6E-15 Tesla /  5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)
Dynamic range 140dB rms/√Hz
Selectivity 120dB/Hz
Depth measurement precision ± 3% (Based on volumetric testing at a known fixed depth)
Locate accuracy ± 5% of depth
Active Locate filter bandwidth ± 3Hz, 0 < 1kHz / ± 10Hz, ≥ 1kHz
Maximum depth readout Cable / Pipe: 30m (The RD7100 will locate to greater depths in the right conditions, but depth accuracy will be compromised)
Construction Injection Molded ABS Plastic
Ingress Protection rating IP65
Display type High contrast custom made monochrome LCD
Audio options Built-in waterproofed speaker 3.5mm headphone socket
Start-up time Less than 1 second
Software RD Manager™ Supporting PC Software – Microsoft® Windows® XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 32 and 64-bit versions
Connectivity Mini-USB: Connect to a PC to configure and update locator, and to retrieve usage log and survey measurement data

3.5mm Stereo jack: Connect wired headphones

Accessory port: Connect Radiodetection accessories

Standards EN 61010-1:2010 EMC: EN 61326-1:2013 EN 300 330-2 (V1.5.1) EN 300 440-2 (V1.4.1) EN 301 489-3 (V1.6.1) EN 301 489-17 (V2.2.1) Environmental: EN 60529 1992 A2 2013 EN 60068-2-64:2008 Test Fh ESTI EN 300 019-2-2:1999  EN 60068-2-27:2009 (Test Ea) ESTI EN 300 019-2-2:1999


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