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HAL Series

The HAL comprehensive safety testers offer outstanding levels of flexibility and functionality to dramatically improve the quality and productivity of production line safety testing.

With a range of different tests and functionality, the HAL series provides a solution for any production line testing requirement from low volume manual testing through to high volume automated test programmes. The large display and simple push-button operation makes the process of testing straightforward and fast, ensuring your production line continues to efficiently meet the demands of any number of quality and safety standards.

A choice of automatic, manual or direct PC modes offers maximum flexibility for use and control of the HAL series.

For environments where flexibility of test parameters and diagnostic checks required, a manual mode enables individual tests to perform easily.

The HAL104 can communicate with a Programmable Logic Controller to aid automated test processes, including remote start/stop and pass/fail outputs.

UK and international variants available.

HAL tester + Safety e-Base Pro

Improve the productivity, flexibility and traceability of the HAL test system with the clever Safety e-Base Pro software program.

  • Reduce the room for human error and increase efficiency through controlling tests remotely from a PC.
  • Programme test sequences to start on customisable trigger commands.
  • Customise test sequences for different products and standards – ensure your test system will stand the test of time.
  • Improve traceability and audit ability – Store test results automatically within a PC.
  • Programme user prompts in text or picture format to make the test process even easier for the operator.

The HAL tester with Safety e-Base Pro gives you total confidence that production line testing is being carried out to the correct requirements as efficiently as possible with the operator’s safety in mind. This out-of-the-box solution gives you all of the benefits of a bespoke test system and is customise-able to specific requirements.


HAL Series Comparison
Earth/Ground Bond
AC Flash/Hipot
DC Flash/Hipot
DC Insulation Resistance
ARC Detection
Load Power
Load Power

(200mVA resolution)
Power Factor
Results Memory
Automation Option
Barcode scanner/printer Option
Internal scanner

Earth/Ground Bond Test – 104, LED, 103, 102

Test Voltage 6V AC Nominal
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (Independent of supply)
Output Current Range 0.1A – 40.0A
Display Range 0 – 1500mΩ


Insulation Resistance Test – 104, LED, 103, 102, 101

DC Output Voltage 0.10kV – 6.00kV
(10V/step manual) (50V/step auto)
Display Range 0.03MΩ – 350MΩ
350MΩ – 500MΩ (Indication Only)


AC Dielectric Strength Test – 104, LED, 103, 102, 101

Programmable Voltage
0.10kV – 5.00kV
(10V/step manual) (50V/step auto)
Frequency Independent
of Supply
Display Range (Current) 0.01mA – 20.00mA
Optional Arc Detection 9 Levels


DC Dielectric Strength Test – 104, LED, 103, 102, 101

Programmable Voltage
0.10kV – 6.00kV
(10V/step manual) (50V/step auto)
Display Range 0.01mA – 10.00mA
Optional Arc Detection 9 Levels


Power and Leakage Test – 104 & LED

Power Output Rating

Test Voltage 110V – 230V AC (Mains Supply)
80V – 300V (Via Auxillary Input)
20A nominal (Vin-Vout)


Output Power Measurement – 104

Single Phase Power
Measurement Display Range
0.02kVA – 5.000kVA


Output Power Measurement – LED

Single Phase Power
Measurement Display Range
000.0 – 999.9VA


Single Phase Power Factor Measurement

Display Range 0.000 – 1.000*
*Please note: Displayed value is for indication only


Leakage Current Measurement

Display Range 0.10mA – 20.00mA


Touch Current Measurement

Display Range
Measuring Device
0.02mA – 5.00mA
IEC/EN 60990 Fig 4
(IEC/EN 60990 Fig 3 or Fig 5
Upon Request)


Power Requirement

Operating Voltage Selectable 115V or
230V AC RMS 50Hz / 60Hz


Mechanical Specification

Dimensions (HxWxL)
300 x 200 x 370mm
15kg Approx


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