Seaward NTB-1 Portable RCD Tester

⚡ Test portable RCDs without tripping the installation RCD 

⚡ Compact and portable

⚡ Universally compatible with all RCDs and RCD test instruments 

⚡ Can be used in all situations and locations where an RCD test is required

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Product Details

The NTB-1’s designed to isolate an instrument from a mains supply while testing RCDs – it cannot be used to power any mains powered equipment.

You’re able to use it to test a caravan RCD main switch but this cannot be done with anything switched on in the caravan – the NTB-1 has a maximum apparent power rating of 17VA which means this unit can only handle power between approximately 10 to 20 watts.

To use the NTB-01 in this application you need to use an IEC lead to connect the NTB-01 to the mains supply, you then plug the caravan into the NTB-01 – this isolates the caravan from the supply.

The IEE Code of Practice requires RCD protected devices to be tested to ensure they are operating within the recommended time limits. The problem faced by many test operatives is that in order to test the operation of an RCD protected device, it must be connected to the main supply.

In many cases, the mains outlets in an installation are RCD protected themselves, in such cases it is possible that the main RCD will trip the installation before the RCD under
test operates.

The Non Trip Box eliminates this risk, by isolating the electricity supply to the RCD under test, allowing the test operative to continue testing without the worry of causing disruption to the premises they’re working on by tripping the main RCD. In the past, isolation transformers have been used for this purpose, but these are bulky and typically weigh around 10kg in comparison to the Non Trip Box’s lightweight 0.6kg.

Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Maximum RCD current 30mA
Dimensions 80mm x 120mm x 70mm
Weight 0.6kg
  • 1x Seaward NTB-1 Portable RCD Tester
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