Socket and See VIP Pro Two Pole Voltage Tester KIT20

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Socket & See VIP Pro Two Pole Voltage Tester, SP200 Proving Unit,

LTKIT10 Lamp Test Adaptor Kit, EPF30 Phase Finder, SOK22 Socket tester & Carry Case

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VIP Pro Two Pole Voltage Tester

The probe comply fully to the UK HSE GS38 probe tip requirements ensuringfull safety compliance at all times. The new ergonomic design is extremely easy and comfortable to hold and is suitable for use with Gauntlets/PPE equipment if required. The durable double insulated ultra flexible cable helps prevents tangles and the generous 1.4m cable length gives the operator greater flexibility in use.


  • Voltage Ranges: 12-50-110-230-400V AC/DC
  • Separate lamps indicate AC or DC with polarity
  • Built to CAT IV 600V safety standards
  • Conforms to UK HSE GS 38 tip standards
  • Double insulated lead 1.4 metres
  • Safety resistors in the passive probe end make it safe in single fault, if the probe connecting wire gets trapped
  • Conforms to EN 61010 and BS EN 61243-3:2010 standards
  • No batteries required


  • Voltage Ranges: 12-50-110-230-400V AC/DC
  • Built to CAT IV 600V safety standards
  • Double Insulated
  • Conforms to UK HSE GS 38 tip standards
  • Complies with BS EN 61243-3:2010 and BS EN 61326-1:2010 standards

SP200 Proving Unit

The Socket & See brand of testers from the UK’s leading tools and test equipment manufacturer, the Kew Technik Group of Companies, has launched the Socket & See SP200 Professional Proving Unit.

It should always be proved that any system is dead before commencing work. Two-pole voltage testers as recommended by the HSE, should be proved on a known live source or Proving Unit both before and after use.

Considered good practice by such organisations as the NICEIC Group, the SP200 provides a cost effective and convenient way of proving the safe operation of two-pole voltage testers (including test lamps) and multimeters.


  • Test two pole volt testers including multimeters and test lamps
  • The first proving unit to generate AC waveform for a true test
  • Compact design encourages routine safety checks
  • Automatic test function to conserve batteries
  • Step voltage LED’s indicate voltage being generated 50-100-230-400-690V
  • Low battery indication gives ample warning to replace batteries

LTKIT10 Lamp Test Adaptor Kit

This fantastic product from Socket & See is ideal for Electricians testing light fittings.

The Socket & See LTKIT10 is five adaptors that allow for easy connection and testing at light fittings:-

LTBC 02, LTES 04, LTMBC 06, LTMES 08, LTGU 10

Presented with 2 x 120cm, 4mm test leads in a protective carry pouch.


  • Allows easy, safe connection to light fittings
  • The fastest way to check insulation/continutiy/loop/polarity
  • High quality low ohn 4mm connectors
  • Safer and saves time: leave the light fitting in place
  • Easier/better connection allows hands-free
  • No broken connections
  • Great for use in awkward/high situations
  • No damage to fittings

EPF30 Easy Phase Finder

When you use a neon screwdriver all that stands between you and the full mains potential is a single resistor, and guess what, the cheaper the neon, the cheaper the resistor.

The Socket & See EPF30 Professional Easy Phase Finder uses a totally different technique to find the live phase – it uses the safest technology known – capacitive coupling, there is no direct contact with the mains, as the user you are totally protected.


  • Low cost solution to finding the phase – live supply
  • Does away with dim fragile neons, a bright LED gives clear to read indication from dim to bright conditions
  • Construction and finger guard configuration give full conformance with latest Euronorm safety standards
  • Fully drop proof from 2 metres gives robust working life Craftsman Easy Phase Finder
  • Built-in push button self test to guarantee correct working
  • Bright LED Plus continuous audible tone to indicate found phase – live supply
  • Patented TPL (True Phase Locator) Technology finds the true phase supply even in the presence of open circuit conductors
  • Auto power off to conserve battery life

SOK22 Socket Tester

The Socket & See SOK22 takes out the guess work – the simple solution for mains wiring testing.

Logical Green for GO. Bright, easy to read LED’s. Clear Audible Indication (SOK22 & SOK32 only). Error free testing.

Modern production methods ensure great performance and value. Tough, smooth-contoured construction. Eye-catching body colour – easy to find in a toolkit. Advanced electronic circuits mean positive & reliable indication.

The testers are designed to give a quick & easy indication of correct wiring at the socket. Particular emphasis is placed on detecting very dangerous wiring conditions such as reversed live earth connections & disconnected wires.


  • Continuous audible tone gives positive good wiring indication
  • Strong warbling tone gives clear warning of faulty wiring
  • Advanced electronics include a quad comparator to give clear indication even on noisy circuits
  • Detects good plus 13 wiring fault conditions

TECC40 Carry Case 

This carry case will easily fit all of the above.

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