Wiha 41156 SlimFix 7 Piece VDE 1000v Slot/Pozi Screwdriver Set

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Wiha 41156 7 Piece VDE 1000v Slot/Pozi SlimFix Screwdriver Set


Discontinued Product- Please see the below link for the replacement model


Wiha 36455 6 Piece VDE 1000v SlimFix Screwdriver Set

Product Details:

Wiha 41156 7 Piece VDE 1000v SlimFix Screwdriver Set. The foundation for the Wiha SoftFinish Screwdriver line was developed as part of a scientific study. As a professional tool with four handle sizes designed with its applications in mind, the unique design ideally combines the functions.

SoftFinish Zone: Soft, torque-supporting finish zone for dry applications.

Blade Anchoring: Reliable anti-twist connection between blade and handle.

VDE Insulation: Protective insulation spray-coated directly onto the blade.

Water Bath: Piece test according to IEC 60900 in a water bath at 10,000 v for verified safe use at 1,000 V AC or 1,500v DC.

Includes: SLOTTED – 3.5 x 100, Pico Finish electric, 4.0 x 100, 5.5 x 125, 6.5 x 150 POZI – PZ1 x 80, PZ2 x 100


  • Unlimited access
  • Blades up to 33% narrower due to integrated insulation

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Weight 750 g

Wiha 41156

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