LDM-070 Leaderman 3 Wire Fused Test Lead Set for Multifunction Installation Testers


£39.59 / £32.99 excl VAT

⚡ When used these pieces of equipment can convert a non-fused test leads to fused, enhancing safety levels.

⚡ These Leads, Probes and Clips meet all current industry standards.


Product Details:

LDM070/KEW Fused Test Leads:

Suitable for 99% of Insulation and Multifunction/Installation Testers

This Kit Contains:


  • Two 1.2 metre Silicone Leads with 4mm straight to straight connectors, one 1.2 metre Silicone Lead with 4mm straight to stackable (piggy back) connector.
  • Three Fused 4mm 1000V Heavy Duty Croc Clips.
  • Three Fused 4mm Probes
  • Three Probe Tips