Beha-Amprobe 2100-Beta Two-Pole Voltage Tester

⚡ Two-pole phase rotation

⚡ 12-690V AC/DC measurement range

⚡ LCD display indicates voltage reading

⚡ Reinforced components

⚡ Resistant to water splashes

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Its LED panel indicates the voltage range, two-pole phase rotation, polarity (using the results gained from single pole tests) as well as the results of continuity tests. The LCD display indicates the voltage reading.

The Beha-Amprobe 2100-Beta Two-Pole Voltage Tester has a voltage measurement range of 12 to 690V AC/DC and will issue an audible alarm to indicate when a voltage of 50V AC and above, or 120V DC and above, has been detected. Voltages can be detected using the main probe thereby allowing the user to perform single-phase voltage detection.

This instrument also features a two-button switchable load function and, as a result, is able to test 10mA or 30mA RCDs in order to determine whether they have been wired correctly. These RCD trip tests can be implemented by pressing both of the voltage tester’s operational buttons. Furthermore, by pressing both of these buttons the user places the 2100-Beta in low impedance mode which helps to improve its accuracy as it prevents ghost voltages from affecting voltage readings and detection.

Key Features

  • Rugged, resilient, easy-to-use instrument optimized for detecting and measuring AC/DC voltage
  • Continuity checks
  • Two-pole phase rotation
  • Single-pole tests to indicate polarity
  • LED light display indicates voltage range, polarity and continuity
  • LCD display indicates voltage reading
  • 12-690V AC/DC measurement range
  • Issues audible indication when the voltage detected is equal to, or greater than, 50V AC or 120V DC
  • Single-phase voltage detection using the main probe
  • Two-button switchable mode detection
  • If neither button is pressed the voltage tester is in high impedance mode, protecting the user against accidentally tripping RCDs and ELCBs
  • Pressing both buttons puts the tester in low impedance mode which works to eliminate ghost voltages
  • Pressing both buttons also allows the user to purposely trip RCDs
  • 1.5m, durable test leads, with wear indication
  • Reinforced components
  • Resistant to water splashes
  • Resistance to dust ingress
  • IP64
  • Built to EN 61243-3:2010 standard
  • GS approved
  • Safety rating: CAT III 690V/ CAT IV 600V
  • GS38 protective probe caps
  • Built-in torch
  • Auto-Power-On
  • Auto-Power-Off
  • 4mm test probe extensions
  • Attachable test probe protector cover which also opens UK safety outlets
  • Ideal for use in commercial and industrial environments
Features 2100-Alpha 2100-Beta 2100-Gamma
Safety Rating (Overvoltage Category)  CAT III 690/ CAT IV 600 CAT III 690/ CAT IV 600  CAT III 1000/ CAT IV 600
Voltage Range  12-690 V AC/DC 12-690 V AC/DC 6-1000 V AC/ 6-1200 V DC
Voltage Indication – LCD 12-690 V AC/DC 6-1000 V AC, 6-1200 V DC
Voltage Indication – LED (12 to 690V)
Continuity Test (Visual and Audible Indication)
RCD Trip Test (10mA or 30mA)
Single Pole Phase Test  √  √
Full Range Polarity Detection  √
Two Pole Phase Rotation Detection  Right Right Right/Left
Double Insulated Cable with Wear Indicator √ 
4mm Test Probe Extensions (Screwable) and Removeable GS38 Protective Probe Caps  √
Data Hold Function  –
Resistance Measurement and Low Resistance Indication  –
Non-Contact Voltage Detection
IP64 Splash and Dust Proof  √
Torch Light/Measurement Area Illumination
  • Beha-Amprobe 2100-Beta Two-Pole Voltage Tester
  • 4mm Test Probe Extensions with GS38 Protective Probe Caps
  • Test Probe Protector Cover


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