Leaderman LDM-307 Black Probe & Test Lead Kit


£12.00 / £14.40 incl VAT

⚡ One straight to straight silicone lead
⚡ One 4mm Push-Fit Banana / Lantern Probe
⚡ Suitable to fit any 4mm Universal Test Lead Connection
⚡ Will fit any test meter that has industry-standard 4mm test connections
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Leaderman LDM-307 Black Probe & Test Lead Kit for Multifunction Testers, Multimeters, Clamp Meters

Product Details:

The Leaderman LDM-307 Black Probe & Test Lead Kit, crafted to elevate your testing experience with top-of-the-line quality and durability. Made from high-quality silicone, these leads surpass industry standards, offering superior longevity and flexibility compared to PVC alternatives.

Designed to withstand extreme conditions, these leads can endure the heat of a soldering iron or even a naked flame without compromising their integrity.

  • Includes one straight-to-straight silicone lead and one 4mm Push-Fit Banana/Lantern Probe
  • Suitable for any test meter with industry-standard 4mm connections

Upgrade your testing setup with the Leaderman LDM-307 Black Probe & Test Lead Kit. Whether you’re using multifunction testers, multimeters, or clamp meters, this kit ensures reliable and accurate results every time.