Leaderman LDM-LOK10R Lock Out Metal MCB Kit with Case


£45.50 / £54.60 incl VAT

⚡ Excellent lockout kit
⚡ Soft Carry Case Included
⚡ Brilliant Value
⚡ Ideal for electricians and engineers
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Leaderman LDM-LOK10R Lock Out Metal MCB Kit with Case

Product Details:

The Leaderman Bulk Lockout Kit LMLOK10SET kit gives you the basic range of simple MCB lockout devices to carry out a safe and secure lockout. Ideal for electricians and engineers who regularly work on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers or electrical isolators. Up to date models are all supplied in a soft but strong case.

Key features:

  • Screwdriver – x1: A reliable screwdriver for accessing electrical panels and equipment during lockout procedures.
  • LDM-C26 Pouch – x1: A convenient pouch to keep your tools organized and easily accessible.
  • LDM-WP1 Label Pen – x1: A specialized pen for labeling lockout tags with important information such as date, user, and equipment details.
  • LDM-TAG3 Lockout Tags – x10: Durable lockout tags for clearly marking isolated equipment, enhancing safety protocols.
  • LDM-MCB Mini metal MCB – x10: Compact metal devices for locking out miniature circuit breakers, ensuring power isolation.
  • LDM-PL1 Mini Red Metal Padlock – x10: Secure padlocks in a striking red color for locking out equipment and preventing unauthorized access.

    Whether you’re dealing with circuit Breakers or electrical isolators, this kit provides you with the necessary tools to carry out lockout procedures confidently and effectively. Stay compliant with safety regulations and protect yourself and others from potential electrical hazards with the Leaderman Bulk Lockout Kit LDM-LOK10SET.

  • Screwdriver – x1
  • LDM-C25 Pouch – x1
  • LDM-WP1 Label Pen – x1
  • LDM-TAG3 Lockout Tags – x10
  • LDM-MCB Mini metal MCB – x10
  • LDM-PL1 Mini Red Metal Padlock – x10