Fluke 1732/B Three Phase Power Energy Monitor & Logger


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⚡ Comprehensive monitoring: The Fluke 1732/B can measure a wide range of parameters including voltage, current, power, energy, and more.
⚡ Data logging: The energy monitor can log data over extended periods of time, allowing you to track energy usage trends and identify areas for improvement.
⚡ Advanced analytics: The device comes equipped with advanced analytics capabilities, such as harmonic analysis and voltage event capture, providing you with a detailed understanding of your energy usage.
⚡ Intuitive interface: The device’s easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly and easily configure and analyse your data, even from remote locations.
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Fluke 1732/B Three Phase Power Energy Monitor & Logger

Product Details:

Introducing the Fluke 1732/B Three Phase Power Energy Monitor & Logger – the ultimate tool for monitoring and analyzing energy usage in your facility. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this energy monitor is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their energy consumption and reduce costs.

Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, optimize production processes, or comply with regulatory requirements, the Fluke 1732/B Three Phase Power Energy Monitor & Logger is the perfect tool for the job. With its advanced features, accurate measurements, and intuitive interface, you can be confident that you’re making the right decisions for your facility.

The Fluke 1732 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Logger allows you to log voltage, current, power, power factor and energy values automatically, capturing and storing up to 20 separate logging sessions on the device. As a portable energy logger, this model is designed to help you identify sources of inefficiency and energy waste, therefore enabling you to reduce unnecessary costs. Suitable for installation anywhere from service entrances to individual circuits, the 1732 will enable you to build a detailed profile for energy use and distribution.

The 1732 has a variety of potential applications, all of which enable you to make better decisions regarding your energy use and operational conditions of powered equipment. Examples include:

  • Load studies
  • Energy assessments
  • Energy surveys
  • Power and energy logging

The optimised user interface makes using this instrument simple and straightforward, with a guided graphical setup and full colour display. Safety has also been considered in the design of this unit, with a 600 V Cat IV/1000 V CAT III rating, the highest safety rating possible in the industry. Included as standards, the Fluke Energy Analyse Plus software package enables data to be exported to your desktop PC for further analysis. This powerful software package provides every tool required to create informative reports to be shared with others and providing you with the insight required for superior decision making.

The 1732 is available in 3 variations: B, EUS and INTL. Below, we have included a comparison chart outlining each variation and contents in detail. As a primary point of difference, it’s worth noting that model B excludes current probes, while both the EUS and INTL models include current probes as standard.

Fluke 1732/B Fluke 1732/EUS Fluke 1732/INTL
Model Energy logger basic version Energy logger (EU and US) Energy logger (international)
USB (mini B)
WiFi download of instrument data Optional
Included Accessories
USB Flash Drive (4GB)
USB Cable
3PHVL-173 Flat Cable
1x red, 1x black 0.1m cable
1x red, 1x black 1.5m cable
Alligator clips 4 4 4
C173x Soft Case
Colour Coding Set
i173x-Flex1500 12″ Optional 3 3
Line cord EU, UK, US, AU, BR EU, US, UK EU, UK, US, AU, BR
Compatible Optional Accessories
173X-AUX analog adapter
i17XX-flex1500 12″ current probe
i17XX-flex3000 24″ current probe
i17XX-flex6000 36″ current probe
i40s-EL current clamp

Key Features:

  • Logs voltage, current, power, power factor, energy and associated values
  • Bright, colour touch screen – full colour display with clear and easy to read text
  • Simple in-field setup, no need to return to workshop or PC terminal
  • Energy Analyse Plus software allows for detailed analysis of results
  • Intelligent verification function reduces uncertainty about device connections
  • More than 20 separate logging sessions stored at one time
  • All measured values automatically logged so you avoid losing measured trends
  • Powered directly from measured circuit, no need to plug into mains
  • Highest safety rating possible


Attribute Value
Measurement Parameters Current, Frequency, THD Current, THD Voltage, Voltage
Interface Type Bluetooth, USB A, USB Mini, Wi-Fi
Data Logger Type Three Phase Power
Maximum Voltage Measurement 1000V
Power Source Battery
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Display Type LCD
Model Number p 1732/B
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery Life 7 Hours
  • Fluke 1732 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Logger
  • Power supply
  • Voltage test leads
  • Alligator clips (4x)
  • 12 in 1,500A flexible current probe (3x)
  • Soft case
  • Energy Analyse Plus Software
  • Line cords
  • Colour coding set
  • Documentation on USB flash drive


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