Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator up to 700volts

£198.00 / £165.00 excl VAT

⚡ 3 phase indication

⚡ Indication of phase rotation

⚡ Clear LCD display

⚡ No battery required


Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator up to 700volts

Product Details:

The Fluke 9040 is used to give indication of phase rotation on all types of three phase systems.

Featuring a built-in LCD screen that clearly shows phase status, the 9040 shows the rotation path of phase clearly and is extremely simple to use. It requires no batteries in order to use and derives power directly from the mains.

The voltage range of this phase indicator is from 40 to 700V and the frequency range is from 15 to 400Hz. The tester is compliant with EN 61010, EN 61557-7 and is CAT III 600V/ CAT IV 300V safety rated.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use with three phase supplied that feed motors, drives and electrical systems
  • No guesswork – clear display of phase rotation direction on built-in LCD screen
  • Voltage and frequency range suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  • Includes test probes with variable clamping range for safe contact (ideal for industrial sockets)
  • Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator,
  • 3 Self Retaining Test Probes
  • Alligator Clip
  • User Manual


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