Fluke FTP-1 Red & Black Fused Test Probe Set


£107.90 / £129.48 incl VAT

⚡ Built-in fuses in probes

⚡ Probes allow indication of live voltage even fuse is blown

⚡ 2mm threaded probe tips include removable 4mm lantern-style spring contacts and removable GS38 insulated IC caps for probing closely space leads

⚡ CAT III 100V, CAT IV 600V, 10 A rating

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This set of fused probes have been constructed with Fluke’s unique SureGrip technology, allowing you to easily keep hold of the probes even in situations where your hands might be slippery.

Since the probes are fused they are much safer to use than non-fused probes, and when the fuse blows they will still allow the meter you’re using to indicate live voltage and prevent misreadings of when no voltage is present.

The probes are able to mount onto any standard modular test leads, are rated to CAT III 1000V and have sheathed tips.


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