Fluke L210 Probe Light Kit


£35.16 / £29.30 excl VAT

⚡ Ultra-bright LED for illuminating test area

⚡ 8-inch test probes allow you to remain hands-off when testing

⚡ Runs on watch batteries

⚡ Extender fits between modular test probe and test lead


Product details:

A handy kit consisting of Fluke’s L200 Probe Light and TP280 Test Probe Extenders is ideal for those who are regularly testing live circuitry and are worried about interacting too closely with dangerous appliances.

Flukes TP280 test probes integrate easily into test leads and modular probes, allowing you to effectively and easily extend your device’s reach. This is extremely beneficial to your safety as the device keeps you away from potentially dangerous areas, effectively allowing you to remain hands-off and ensure no nasty accidents occur in the line of duty.

The integrated L200 Probe Light also ensures you can see exactly where the test probe is going – perfect for those who work in darker environments or when there’s been a sudden power outage. The Probe Light uses an integrated bright white LED which boasts the ability to keep working for a total of 120 hours.

  • Fluke L210 Probe Extenders and Probe Light


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