Fluke TL175 TwistGuard Red Black Test Lead Set with Probes for Multimeters and Clamp Meters


£30.00 / £25.00 excl VAT

⚡ TwistGuard™ adjustable tips enhance safety and versatility length.

⚡ WearGuard™ indicator shows damage to leads.

⚡ Heavy-duty strain relief withstands over 30,000 bends.

⚡ One Year Fluke Warranty



Product Description:

Fluke’s TL175 test leads are completely compatible with all instruments that accept standard 4mm shrouded banana plugs, even if the products you wish to test with aren’t Fluke branded.

These unique leads feature a number of useful features not found on other leads, including Fluke’s unique TwistGuard technology which allows you to extend the tip shroud of the test to reduce or lengthen tip exposure depending on the measurements you are taking.

The wires of the leads are also covered in double-insulation and feature two layers of silicone. The first layer, which lies under the second, is coloured differently to show that the leads have been damaged, and when exposed the leads shouldn’t be used anymore.

Key Features:

  • TwistGuard features allow lead tips to be extended/retracted
  • WearGuard technology allows users to tell when wiring is damaged due to double silicone layer
  • Double insulation makes leads resistant to high temperatures and suitable for use in cold areas
  • Heavy-duty design means that both the plug-end and probe-end are bend resistant
  • Universal input plugs – the Tl175 lead set is compatible with any instrument with a 4mm shrouded banana plug
  • Safety ratings of CAT II 1000V, CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 10 A max., Pollution Degree 2
  • Conforms to EN610101-31
  • One year warranty as standard
  • Environment ratings -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F), altitude: 2000m (6, 562)
  • Fluke TL175E Test Lead 
  • Latern Tips

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