Fluke VR1710 Single-Phase Voltage Quality Recorder


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⚡ Fast and easy recording of voltage trends, dropouts, and power quality
⚡ Extremely easy to use
⚡ Continuous recording of all values with no gaps
⚡ Clear graphical summary of data and quick overview of key power quality parameters
⚡ Min, Max, and Average RMS values (1/4 cycle) with time stamp

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Fluke VR1710 Single-Phase Voltage Quality Recorder

Product Details:

Suitable for use on single-phase systems, the Fluke VR1710 is connected directly to a system and monitors voltage trends, dropouts and overall levels of power quality. It’s an ideal fault finding device and allows easy determination of what is causing problems with voltage in single-phase installations.

The VR1710 plugs directly into a mains power socket, making it extremely easy to use. It isn’t just a single measurement instrument either; the VR1710 is designed to continuously monitor the voltage on a system with no gaps, allowing the user to get the full picture and accurate measurements of voltage over a time period. This recorder can be used to record voltage on a system from 1 day up to 339 days and is compatible with the included PowerLog software package for download and analysis of testing data captured over a time period.

When capturing, this voltage quality recorded will store MIN, MAX, and average RMS values as well as actual transient display with time stamps, allowing the user to easily determine what happened at exactly what time. It can also be used to record flicker to EN 61000-4-15 and can also store individual harmonic and THD values with trend data.

Fluke VR1710 Single-Phase Voltage Quality Recorder Key Features:

  • Plugs directly into a mains socket and monitors voltage quality
  • Monitor trends, dropouts and power quality
  • Easy to use
  • Continuous recording
  • Graphical summary of data and quick overview of problems
  • Records for up to 339 days
  • MIN/MAX/AVG value calculation
  • Actual transient display
  • Flicker recording
  • Individual harmonics and THD value recording
  • Statistical analysis of single phase voltage events
  • Compatible with PowerLog software (included)

Full List of Products Included:

  • Fluke VR1710 Single-Phase Voltage Quality Recorded
  • USB Cable
  • PowerLog Software Package on CD
  • Universal Power Cord Adapters

Fluke VR1710 Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage 70V to 300V
MIN/MAX/AVG RMS Value Resolution 0.125V
Number of Events 175000
Dips/Interruptions Yes
Time Resolution 5ms
Voltage Resolution 0.125V
Over-Voltages Yes
Frequency Yes
Harmonics Measurements EN 61000-4-7 (up to 32nd)
Flicker Measurement EN 61000-4-15
Number of Recording Channels 1 Phase to Neutral
2 Phase/Neutral to Ground
Recording Time 1 day to 339 days depending on average time from 1 second to 20 minutes
Transients Yes
Frequency Range 50Hz ± 1Hz and 60Hz ± 1Hz
Safety Category Rating CAT II 300V


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