Kewtech Duo Non-Contact Voltage Detector


£22.80 / £19.00 excl VAT

⚡ Dual sensitivity

⚡ Heartbeat – green LED indicates that the unit is on and working correctly

⚡ Red LED indicates the presence of voltage

⚡ Audible tone also indicates the presence of voltage

⚡ 2 Year Kewtech Warranty


Product Details:

An ideal addition to any electrician’s toolkit, this Kewtech voltage detector instantly alerts the user to the presence of voltage from 90-600V AC without the need to make contact with a system.

Uniquely designed, the Kewstick Duo is dual-sensitivity, including a desensitising button that can be used to differentiate between live and earthed cables 18mm apart. When voltage is detected using this voltage detection pen a red LED light will shine on the tip of the Duo and an audible buzzing noise will sound. A green LED and a separate audible tone also shows the user that the tester is still working correctly when powered on.

This voltage detector is CAT IV rated and pocket-sized for easy transportation/storage.

Key Features:

  • Detects the presence of AC voltage from 90 to 600V without the need to make direct contact
  • Two colour LEDs – green shows correct operation and red for voltage detection
  • A two-tone buzzer shows the correct operation and voltage presence
  • Pocket-sized, pen-shaped design
  • Low power consumption for exceptional battery life
  • CAT IV rated
  • 2-year unconditional guarantee


  • 1x Duo Voltstick