Kewtech KEWLOK MCB Lock Out Device


£17.28 / £20.74 incl VAT

⚡ Fits most MCBs and toggle mains switches

⚡ Easy to use combination lock – no keys to use

⚡ Easy to set combination lock for memorable combination number

⚡ Saves having multi-piece lockout kits

⚡ Comes with two warning labels that can be secured to the shackle and give the user information

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Product Details

  • This specialist lockout device is used for securing most types of miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and toggle main switches. When in use, it effectively allows you to lock out an MCD/switch in the off position, preventing it from being re-energised until necessary maintenance is completed.
  • Locking out device fits most toggle MCBs and Mains Switches – saves on multiple kits.
  • Better still this MCB lockout comes with a combination lock, which means you won’t have to attach lockout / Tagout padlocks to the MCB device either.
  • Kewtech Kewlok
  • Warning Labels