Kewtech KT63Plus 6-in-1 Multifunction Tester

⚡ Easy to use – single rotary dial with four secondary function keys

⚡ Anti-trip technology loop test – for full no trip loop testing with RCDs of 30mA and above for all types (electronic & electro-mechanical) with very low susceptibility of RCD uplift and noise interference

⚡ Continuous live monitoring means no blown fuses or PCBs

⚡ UK specific RCD test, all six results are presented on one screen – no scrolling

⚡ Three ways to start a test – single press of the test button, handsfree use of the test button (continuous testing) or by the test button in the test probe

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Product Details

The Kewtech KT63 Plus Multifunction Tester can conduct PFC and PSC measurements without the user needing to alter the test probes. Its continuous live monitoring also prevents blown fuses and PCBs, moreover, the Kewtech KT63 Plus Multifunction Tester includes anti-trip technology enabling it to conduct full no-trip loop testing (with a low likelihood of RCD uplift and noise interference) on all electronic and electromechanical RCD types above 30mA. The Kewtech KT63 Plus Multifunction Tester is able to conduct RCD tests on RCDs rated 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, and 1000mA.

Key Features

  • Anti-Trip Technology for full no trip LOOP testing on all RCD types
  • Test button in the probe as well as lockdown test button for ‘hands-free’ testing
  • Easy PFC & PSC measurement without the need to alter test probes
  • 250, 500 & 1000V insulation tests with auto discharge
  • Memory for test lead resistance compensation
  • Backlit display
  • RCD tests AC / A & ACS / AS
  • Auto-test memory for RCD testing with all results shown on one screen, so no scrolling
  • RCD ratings 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000mA
  • Phase Rotation
  • Three ways to start a test – single press of the test button, handsfree use of the test button (continuous testing), or by the test button in the additional test probe
  • Special DNO polarity test
  • IP54
  • End of line calibration certificate included
  • Complies with BS7671


Loop Impedance
Range Measurement
Accuracy System Voltage
High Current – Hi res, 2Wire 0.000Ω to
+/-(3%+30mΩ) 100-440V AC
Loop/PFC-PSC High Current 2 W
7A nom @ 230V
0.00 to
+/-(5%+3digits) 100-440V AC
Loop No Trip 3 W 13mA nom @ 230V 0.00 to
+/-(5%+3digits) 195V – 253V AC
Note System voltage 50-60 Hz
System Voltage
currrents (mA)
Touch / fault
Trip Time
195 – 253V AC 50-60 Hz 30, 100, 300, 500 50V +/-(1%+1ms)
Test Current 1/2 1 x5 (30mA only) Ramp
Accuracy +0-10% +10%-0% +10%-0% +/-5% of rated I∆N
Ramp Characteristics 20% to 110% of rated I∆N in 10% steps (300ms dwell time)
Accuracy Open Circuit
Short circuit
current at 2Ω
Max Lead
resistance null
0.00Ω to 19.99kΩ +/-(3%+32 digits) >4V – <10V >200mA
Test Voltage Measurement Range Accuracy Short Circuit
current into 2kΩ
250V 0.001 to 200.0MΩ +/-(3%+2digits + 10%/GΩ) <2mA
200V 0.001 to 500.0MΩ +/-(3%+2digits + 5%/GΩ) <2mA
1000V 0.001 to 1000MΩ +/-(3%+2digits + 2.5%/GΩ) <2mA
Output Voltage Load Accuracy Output current
250V 250Ω -0%+20% 1mA
500V 500Ω -0%+20% 1mA
1000V 1000Ω -0%+20% 1mA
General Specifications
Weight (With Batteries) 965g
Battery Type 6 x AA / LR6 Alkaline
Category Rating 300V CAT IV 600V CAT III
Ingress Protection Rating IP54
Operating / Storage Temperature 0°C to 40°C / -10°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity / Altitude 80% @ 31°C to 50% @ 40 °C / 0 to 2000m
  • Test lead with remote test button
  • ACC063 G7 Test lead set
  • KAMP12 mains lead
  • Batteries
  • Instruction Manual


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