Leaderman LDM-1601F Red/Green/Blue Fused Probes & Croc Clips


£52.20 / £43.50 excl VAT

⚡ 3-Wire Fused Test Leads

⚡ 1000V CAT III Safety Rating

⚡ Complete with screw-on crocodile clips (1000V CATII / 600V CATIII)

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Three Wire Fused Test Lead Set is the perfect replacement or spare test lead set, suitable for any meter accepting 4mm shrouded banana connections.

Each test lead is fused for safety and has a rating of 1000V CATIII, ideal for electrical testing.

Comes in red, green, and blue and is packaged complete with screw-on 1000V CATII / 600V CATIII rated crocodile clips, perfect for the most part electrical work.


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