Leaderman LDM-116 Black/Red/Green Crocodile Clips Set


£12.70 / £15.24 incl VAT

⚡ Top of the range British Made
⚡ Crocodile Clips Set for ALL Brands of Multifunction Tester
⚡ IEC 61010 Rating
⚡ Crocodile Clips: 1000Volt Fully Insulated
⚡ Insulation Category. Double/Reinforced
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Leaderman LDM-116 Black/Red/Green Crocodile Clips Set

 *CANNOT be used with Megger test leads*

Product Details:

  • Standard Colours:  Red Black Green Blue Brown
  • Features:  Accepts all standard 4mm plugs
  • IEC 61010 Rating.
  • Measurement Category: 1000V CAT III/600V CAT IV
  • Current Rating: 30 Amp
  • Insulation Category: Double/Reinforced.
  • Pollution Degree: Two (2)
  • This product has been designed, manufactured and tested and fully compliant to:
  • IEC61010-031:2002 (First Edition) Amd. 1:2008.
  • Together with the corresponding UL and CSA Standards
  • All products are marked as per IEC requirements.
  • The product also meets the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and complies with HSE GS.38.
  • Green Crocodile Clip
  • Black Crocodile Clip
  • Red Crocodile Clip