Leaderman Earth Extension Wander Lead Reel For R2 Testing (10 Metre) 


£13.20 / £11.00 excl VAT

⚡ 10 Metre High-Quality R2 Earth Wander Lead

⚡ Suitable For Use With All Insulation And Multifunction Testers

⚡ 12 Month Leaderman Warranty

⚡ Includes Detachable Crocodile Clip


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With this electrician wander lead you can perform accurate earth bonding and R2 measurements. On light fittings, ceiling roses and far away circuits. 10 metres of Premium insulated test lead connected to 4mm shrouded plugs at each end, fitting into any multifunction installation tester.

The test lead also comes with its own Crocodile clip. Attach the crocodile clip to the 4mm shrouded plug and connect to the earth, unravel the desired amount of cable and connect the other 4mm shrouded plug to your continuity testing equipment. Disconnect one end of the earth bond to avoid parallel earth.

Includes Detachable Crocodile Clip IEC1010 600v CatIII 1000v CatII 10amp Double Reinforced Insulation. 

Leaderman Earth Extension Wander Lead Reel For R2 Testing (10 Metre)

Detachable Crocodile Clip