Leaderman LDM-PL8 38mm Fully Insulated Padlock


£9.00 / £10.80 incl VAT

⚡ Supplied complete with “DANGER” and “PROPERTY OF”‘ padlock labels.
⚡ Body: W x H x D – 40mm x 45mm x 20mm
⚡ Shackle Clearance when closed: W x H 19mm x 38mm
⚡ Shackle diameter: 6mm.
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Leaderman LDM-PL8 38mm Fully Insulated Padlock with Nylon Shackle

Product details:

  • The Leaderman LDM-PL8 38mm Fully Insulated Padlock with Nylon Shackle, designed for maximum safety and security in electrical isolation procedures.
  • This fully insulated padlock provides reliable protection against the hazards of electricity, making it an essential tool for isolating electronic energy sources during maintenance operations.
  • Each padlock comes complete with “DANGER” and “PROPERTY OF” padlock labels, ensuring clear communication of safety hazards and ownership status.
  • With a compact body measuring 40mm x 45mm x 20mm, this padlock offers a perfect balance of size and functionality for various locking applications.
  • The nylon shackle provides exceptional durability and electrical insulation, offering peace of mind in even the most demanding environments.
  • Featuring a shackle clearance of 19mm x 38mm and a diameter of 6mm, this padlock offers versatile locking options while ensuring a secure fit.
  • Trust the Leaderman LDM-PL8 Fully Insulated Padlock for robust protection and reliable performance in electrical isolation procedures.
  • Leaderman LDM-LMPL