Leaderman LDM-064 Test Leads – Brown/Blue/Green


£19.50 / £23.40 incl VAT

⚡ Will fit any test meter that has industry standard 4mm test connections
⚡ Fluke/Megger/Kewtech/Martindale/Seaward and Many Others
⚡ Suitable for Multimeters/Clamp Meters/Multifunction Testers/Single Function Testers
⚡ These Leads meet all current industry standards.
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Leaderman LDM-064 Test Leads for Kewtech Testers with One Stackable Connector for use with most Multifunction Testers

The Leaderman LDM-064 Test Leads, meticulously crafted for seamless compatibility with Kewtech Multifunction Testers.

Engineered to Kewtech’s exacting standards, these leads feature the standard colors of BROWN/BLUE/GREEN, ensuring effortless identification and organization during testing procedures. With the convenience of a stackable connector, these leads simplify connections and minimize workspace clutter.

Whether you prefer FUSED or UNFUSED 4mm push-fit probes or croc clips, these leads adapt to your testing needs with versatility and ease.

Constructed with premium 1.2-meter silicone leads and 4mm straight connectors, durability and reliability are guaranteed for prolonged usage across diverse testing environments.

It’s important to note that while this set provides essential leads, probes, and crocodile/alligator clips are sold separately to complement your specific testing requirements. Elevate your testing experience with the Leaderman LDM-064 Test Leads, ensuring precision, efficiency, and peace of mind throughout your testing endeavors.

Leaderman LDM064 3 Wire Test Lead Set

Suitable for Kewtech Multifunction Testers

  • This set is in the Kewtech standard colours of BROWN/BLUE/GREEN with stackable connector
  • Can be used with FUSED or UNFUSED 4mm push-fit probes or croc clips
  • 1.2 metre Silicone Leads with 4mm straight connectors



Test Leads: Blue/Brown/Green – each lead is 1.2metres in length.

The GREEN test lead consists of a industry standard of a 4mm straight end connector at one end and a stackable (piggy back) connector at the other end. The stackable end connector means you can connect another test lead to the end for two wire earth testing.

The BLUE and BROWN leads have industry standard 4mm straight connectors at each end.

These are SILICONE Test Leads – longer lasting and more flexible than the cheaper PVC versions available elsewhere.

The leads are flame retardent and will withstand the heated tip of a soldering iron without melting the outer sheath of the lead.

  • 1.0mm² c.s.a. 3.6mm Ø Nom.o/d
  • Multistranded flexible copper core. 7/36/0.071
  • Double Skin Silicone Insulated. Bi-coloured layers.
  • IEC 61010 Rating.
  • Measurement Category. 1000V CAT III/600V CAT IV
  • Current Rating. 20 Amp
  • Insultion Category. Double/Reinforced.
  • Pollution Degree. Two (2)
  • Manufactured and tested and fully compliant to:  IEC61010-031:2002 (First Edition) + Amd. 1:2008.


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