Leaderman LDM-BCK Lockout/Off Kit for Consumer Unit Circuit Breaker


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⚡ Suitable for both domestic and industrial distribution boards, the MCB lockout kit ensures safe isolation during maintenance or repair work on electrical systems.
⚡ The LDM-LOK15 MCB Isolation Lock features a 15mm wide locking gap, ensuring a secure lockout process to prevent accidental power restoration.
⚡ The kit components are made from high-quality materials like metal and nylon, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding work environments.
⚡ Housed in a convenient pouch case (LDM-C50), the kit is easy to carry and store, making it ideal for electricians and engineers working on various applications requiring circuit breaker isolation.
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MCB RCD Lockout / Off Leaderman Kit for Consumer Unit Circuit Breaker – LDM-BCK

Product Details:

The Leaderman LDM-BCK kit gives you the highest quality basic range of simple MCB lockout devices to carry out a safe and secure lockout process. Ideal for electricians and engineers who regularly work on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x LDM-C50 Pouch Case 
  • 1 x LDM-TAG3 Double Sided Lockout Tag 
  • 1 x LDM-MCB Metal MCB 
  • 1x LDM-LOK15 MCB Isolation Lock is used with MCB’s on domestic and industrial distribution boards for isolation purposes. (The locking gap is 15mm wide!)
  • 1 x LDM-PL8 Red Nylon Padlock with 2 Keys


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