Leaderman LDM-HASP-K4 Full Hasp Lockout Kit


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⚡ Comprehensive lockout/tagout solution for enhanced workplace safety.
⚡ Includes non-conductive nylon lockout devices for electrical hazard protection.
⚡ Durable lockout kit bag with ample space and secure zip fastening.
⚡ Waterproof, erasable lockout tags with marker pen for easy reuse.
⚡ Fully insulated padlock with clear identification labels for effective isolation procedures.
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Leaderman LDM-HASP-K4 Hasp Lockout Kit

Product Details:

The Leaderman LDM-HASP-K4 Hasp Lockout Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your lockout/tagout procedures and enhance workplace safety. This kit combines essential components from Leaderman’s trusted lineup, including the LDM-WP1 Lockout Tag Marker Pen with Eraser, LDM-HASP3S Lockout Device, LDM-HASP6S Lockout Device, LDM-HASP6D Lockout Device, LDM-C26 Lock Out/Lock Off Kit Bag, LDM-tag3 Lockout Tags (5 Tags), and the LDM-PL8 38mm Fully Insulated Padlock with Nylon Shackle. Let’s delve into the features of each component:

Leaderman LDM-WP1 Lockout Tag Marker Pen with Eraser:

  • Crafted for precise marking on Leaderman lockout tags with waterproof ink for longevity.
  • Built-in eraser allows for effortless corrections and tag reusability.
  • Classic black color ensures clear and professional markings.
  • Backed by a 12-month Leaderman warranty for reliability.

Leaderman LDM-HASP3S Lockout Device:

  • Manufactured from non-conductive nylon for electrical safety.
  • Can fit up to 3 locks for comprehensive lockout procedures.
  • Ensures energy source lockout until all safety checks are completed.

Leaderman LDM-HASP6S Lockout Device:

  • Features a strong 4mm x 6mm hasp to accommodate multiple safety padlocks.
  • Manufactured from non-conductive nylon for enhanced safety during lockout procedures.

Leaderman LDM-HASP6D Lockout Device:

  • Can fit up to 6 locks, providing versatility and convenience in lockout applications.
  • Designed from non-conductive nylon to maintain electrical safety standards.

Leaderman LDM-C26 Lock Out/Lock Off Kit Bag:

  • Constructed from tough fabric material for durability in various work environments.
  • Secure zip fastening ensures the safety and organization of lockout devices and tags.
  • Internal measurements (L200mm x W140mm x D40mm) provide ample space for essential equipment.
  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee for quality assurance.

Leaderman LDM-tag3 Lockout Tags (5 Tags):

  • Double-sided tags with text, graphics, and writable fields for clear identification.
  • Waterproof ink and erasable marker pens ensure tag reusability.
  • Includes a 3-month Leaderman warranty for added peace of mind.

Leaderman LDM-PL8 38mm Fully Insulated Padlock with Nylon Shackle:

  • Provides maximum safety and security in electrical isolation procedures.
  • Fully insulated design protects against electrical hazards.
  • Compact size with durable nylon shackle for longevity and insulation.
  • Features “DANGER” and “PROPERTY OF” padlock labels for clear communication.
  • Versatile shackle options with a clearance of 19mm x 38mm and a diameter of 6mm.

Upgrade your lockout/tagout procedures with confidence using the Leaderman LDM-HASP-K4 Hasp Lockout Kit, designed to meet the highest safety standards while ensuring operational efficiency. Trust Leaderman for reliable, durable, and innovative solutions that prioritize workplace safety.

  • Leaderman LDM-HASP3S Lockout Device
  • Leaderman LDM-HASP6S Lockout Device
  • Leaderman LDM-HASP6D Lockout Device
  • Leaderman LDM-PL8 38mm Fully Insulated Padlock
  • Leaderman LDM-C26 Lock Out/Lock Off Kit Bag
  • Leaderman LDM-TAG3 lockout Tags (5 Tags)
  • Leaderman LDM-WP1 Lockout Tag Marker Pen with Eraser


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