Leaderman LDM-LK1 Comprehensive Lock Out/Off Kit MCB/RCD Isolation Kit


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⚡ Leaderman LDM-LK1 Lock Out Kit – A comprehensive set for electrical safety, including MCB locks, tags, and tools in a durable case for easy transport.
⚡ Durable and Portable – The LDM-C26 bag keeps your lockout tools secure and portable, ensuring safety wherever you work.
⚡ Versatile Locking Options – Choose from various MCB locks for different locking needs during maintenance tasks, ensuring proper isolation.
⚡ Enhanced Safety – Includes an insulated padlock and screwdriver for added protection, reducing the risk of electrical accidents.
⚡ Compliant and Efficient – Stay safe, compliant, and productive with this kit designed to streamline lockout procedures in electrical work.
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Leaderman LDM-LK1 Comprehensive Lock Out/Off Kit MCB/RCD Isolation Kit

Product Details:

The Leaderman LDM-LK1 Comprehensive Lock Out / Off Kit is ideal for electricians and engineers who regularly work on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers.
The LDM-LK1 is supplied in a soft but durable protective case. Every year people suffer electric shock and burn injuries, some of which are fatal. Implementing the correct safe isolation procedures will ensure the safety of the electrician and avoid these accidents.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Safety: Equipped with a range of lockout devices and accessories to ensure safe isolation procedures for electricians and engineers working on various applications powered by circuit breakers.
  • Durable Protective Case: Supplied in a soft yet durable protective case, safeguarding the kit components during transportation and storage, enhancing longevity and usability.
  • Risk Reduction: Designed to mitigate the risk of electric shock and burn injuries, including fatal accidents, by promoting and facilitating the correct implementation of safe isolation procedures.
  • Variety of Locks: Includes a variety of MCB locks such as push pin locks (LDM-LOK10, LDM-LOK11, LDM-LOK15), color-coded locks (LDM-LOK1 Green, LDM-LOK2 Yellow, LDM-LOK3-P Blue, LDM-LOK4 Red), a two-way lock out (LDM-LOK2W), and a large MCB isolation lock (LDM-LOK9) for different locking requirements.
  • Additional Safety Devices: Provides MCB lock-off devices (LDM-MCB), an insulated padlock (LDM-PL8), lock-out tags (LDM-TAG3), and a label pen (LDM-WP1) for comprehensive safety management and identification.
  • User-Friendly Tools: Includes an insulated soft-grip screwdriver for added convenience and safety during lockout procedures.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of electrical maintenance and servicing tasks where power isolation via circuit breakers or RCDs (Residual Current Devices) is required.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps adhere to safety standards and regulations governing electrical work environments, ensuring workplace safety and compliance with industry norms.

What’s Included? 

  • 1x LDM-C26 Lock Out Kit Bag
  • 1x LDM-LOK1 Green MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK10 Push Pin MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK11 Push Pin MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK15 Push Pin MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK2 Yellow MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK25 Hasp | 25mm
  • 1x LDM-LOK2W Two Way Lock Out
  • 1x LDM-LOK3-P Blue MCB Lock with Pin
  • 1x LDM-LOK4 Red MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK9 Large MCB Isolation Lock
  • 2x LDM-MCB MCB Lock Off Device
  • 1x LDM-PL8 Insulated Padlock
  • 10x LDM-TAG3 Lock-out Tag
  • 1x LDM-WP1 Label Pen
  • 1x Insulated Soft-Grip Screwdriver


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