The Leaderman LDM-LOFL-K1 Contains the most comprehensive range of Leaderman Locking off devices for use by contractors and maintenance teams working on industrial and commercial sites. The LDM-LOFL-K1 is supplied in a soft but durable protective case.

Every year people suffer electric shock and burn injuries, some of which are fatal. Implementing the correct safe isolation procedures will ensure the safety of the electrician and avoid these accidents.

  • 1x LDM-C26 Lock Out Kit Bag
  • 1x LDM-LOK1 Green MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK10 Push Pin MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK11 Push Pin MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK15 Push Pin MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK2 Yellow MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK25 Hasp | 25mm
  • 1x LDM-LOK2W Two Way Lock Out
  • 1x LDM-LOK3-P Blue MCB Lock with Pin
  • 1x LDM-LOK4 Red MCB Lock
  • 1x LDM-LOK7 Tie Block / Bar Circuit Breaker Lockout
  • 2x LDM-MCB MCB Lock Off Device
  • 1x LDM-PL1 Metal 3 Digit Combination Padlock | Small | Red
  • 2x LDM-PL8 Insulated Padlock
  • 8x LDM-TAG3 Lock-out Tag
  • 1x LDM-WP1 Label Pen
  • 1x Insulated Soft-Grip Screwdriver
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