Leaderman LDM-001 PAT Tester Earth Bond/Continuity Test Lead Set


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⚡ Ideal for Seaward Primetest PAT Tester series and compatible with any test instrument with industry-standard 4mm connections.

⚡ This kit includes TWO test leads for more flexible testing, lantern probe and crocodile clip.

⚡ These leads will withstand the heated tip of a soldering iron.

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Product Details: 

LEADERMAN test leads are manufactured in the United Kingdom using high-quality SILICONE which is more durable than other cheaper PVC leads on the market.

  • LDMLEA12BLK2 – Test Lead, Straight to 90 Degrees, Black, 1.2M
  • LDMLEA12BLK3 – Test Lead, Straight to Stackable (piggyback), Black, 1.2M
  • LDMLANBLK – Lantern Probe, Non fused, Black
  • LDMBLK600 – Heavy Duty Crocodile Clip, Non fused, Small, Black, 600 Volts